A defense for pro-choice in Christianity

Women deserve to know that they are in control of their own decisions, and what they choose will not come with the threat of harassment, violence, murder or social shaming.

Monster mash

While the Warren lounge was filled with music and dancing, the halls of McMillan echoed with screams.


“…I feel like for as much as we talk about diversity, diversity should also be included in ministry. So it should be something frequent that people can expect and want,” Jackson said.

Fall activities in Spokane

Spokane upholds its role as a Pacific Northwest city this time of year with a series of fall festivities to get its residents in the Halloween and harvest spirit.

Whitworth’s smoke and tobacco free initiative

“Smoking is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease, not to mention what nicotine does to your brain when you vape,” [Nordling] said, also noting that there is no safe distance to avoid exposure to secondhand smoke.