No, it’s not a scary time for men

Statistically, our justice system has a tendency to believe men who deny rape or sexual assault allegations — even when we shouldn’t.

Whitworth men win fall classic

“Our team is very deep this year which is great in that it is a very competitive environment with each of us trying to beat each other out in practice to figure out the five guys that will be competing in that tournament,”

Volleyball 10/13

“At this point in the season everyone is facing some point of fatigue but everyone came together and battled through that,” said Junior Elise Anderson.

Terrain 11

“I think Terrain is a great thing. It’s one of the greatest cultural nights Spokane has,” Johns said, “It’s done a great job branding itself and it definitely has become a very big thing.”

Whitworth should be providing basic feminine hygiene products

So, not only are female students and staff being charged more than twice as much as grocery store prices (for a lesser product) in the event that they need a tampon while on campus, they may also have to search several buildings on campus before finding one.