Impeachment is not the answer

The 2020 presidential race is almost upon us, and with it has come an uptick in political discussion. In every political camp, people are discussing the major issues they find important, and many issues are getting traction on social media and other online platforms.

The defense for radical feminism

As the war for gender equality rages on, it is important to reflect on the progress we have made and how much farther we have to go.

Why you should pay attention to the Venezuelan crisis

In the United States we get so consumed by everything that’s happening near us that we forget to pay attention to the problems occurring in other countries. We become ignorant to others who are suffering because we’re not in their position.

Pinecone Prescriptions: Ask Izzy #6

Query: “Lately I have been failing at adulting and I need some fail stories to make my life. Also, any ideas on how to give yourself grace when you mess up?”

“Roma” review

Roma has proven to be a welcome addition to the extensive catalogue of Netflix, albeit for reasons that aren’t immediately obvious.

Diversity Monologues explore how students find freedom

The Cowles Auditorium nearly reached capacity during the Diversity Monologues showcase on Mar 12. This event, the fourth annual one of its kind at Whitworth, prompted students to think about how they come to know freedom through their life.

The spark from Austin Channing Brown

International students have formed reactionary groups to Austin Channing Brown’s talk on Feb. 5. Brown spoke on the topics of race, faith, and reconciliation in the context of private Christian universities, which are predominately white institutions.