Poetry and Pie: Students share their stories

by Meghan Laakso|Staff Writer

Westminster Round, Whitworth’s English club, hosts its annual Poetry and Pie event tonight, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. Held at the Mind & Hearth coffee shop, the event allows anyone to read or just listen to poetry while eating free pie provided by Sodexo.

“This event is to encourage people to come love poetry,” senior Joshua Tuttle said.

The event is not only for students involved in Westminster Round. The purpose of the event is to bring people together to bond over shared interests— poetry and pie, treasurer Nathan Quick said.

“Poetry allows people to empathize with others and understand who they are and where they come from,” Quick said. “It is cool to see all the different outlooks and styles expressed in the poems.”

In past years Tuttle recalls students packing into Mind & Hearth and expects the same turnout this year. To accommodate the number of people eight pies have been ordered.

Quick said he is excited for the pie but he looks forward to the poetry aspect even more.

Anyone who can find humanity and empathy in poetry is encouraged to participate, he said.

“Poetry lets you express something beyond yourself,” Quick said. “This event gives people the chance to gather together and express themselves.”

Both Quick and Tuttle are members of Westminster Round, which is the student run English department club that meets once a week and holds annual events such as a Harvest Party, a Christmas Party, and Poetry and Pie.

Everybody who is an English major or minor gets added to the mailing list, but the club is not exclusive to the English department and is open to anyone interested in participating.

“The Round is a great way to connect with people who share the same interests as you,” Quick said.

The event has been around long enough to be considered a tradition, Tuttle said.

Recruiting plays a large part in keeping the traditional events of Westminster Round alive, Tuttle said.

This year a large group of freshmen have joined the club and will help keep the annual events around.

If you are interested in reading at the event, contact Westminster Round president, Courtney Murphy at cmurphy18@my.whitworth.edu.