Cooking with Kipos

by Theresa Vimbanayi Chowa | Staff Writer

The Whitworth environment and sustainability club Kipos is creating a cookbook that will feature organic food recipes submitted by the Whitworth community. The book will be released on Earth Day as part of the Sustainability Week celebration.

Kipos president senior Anne Noll had the idea to create the cookbook.

“I was inspired by a friend in the Peace Corps in Paraguay who wanted to make a cookbook to help the locals with nutritious eating,” Noll said. She then adopted the idea to promote healthy eating at Whitworth.

“I thought it would be a really fun way of bringing the community together and promoting healthy eating,” Noll said. “We really want it to be a community act and we want recipes from across campus. I am going to submit a recipe from my grandmother and she was from the South and I want to share that with everyone.”

The cookbook will feature recipes from people across campus but not all the recipes submitted will end up in the cookbook. The recipes can be submitted in a box placed in the HUB. Kipos will decide which recipes will be included in the book.

The cookbook will be onsale for about $5 andthe club willdonate half the profits to a Whitworth alum who helped create the Kipos club.

“The alum runs a nutrition and gardening program at a school in Guatemala and he will use the money to buy gardening supplies and material for beekeeping,” Noll said. “The remaining amount will be used to promote the Kipos garden and other events.”

Kipos is doing most of the work andis trying to find a local business that can print the book using recycled paper. If they cannot find the printer they will sew the books themselves and have a small gathering of getting the books together, Noll said.

There will be a release party on April 27 where the club will makeand serve some of the food from the recipe book. The book will also include art work by students from new club on campus called the art co-op. They also plan to include an art exhibit during the release party.

“We want to make it [the release party] a fun community event and celebrate nutrition and artwork,” Noll said.

Freshman Morgan McKeague is part of the Kipos club and has been given some of the responsibilities of organizing the book. The cookbook will feature many types of recipes including vegetarian meals, but will not feature exclude heavily processed foods, she said.

“I was on board with the idea because I love cooking and sustainability,” McKeague said.” For the book we are looking for more homey meals that you probably had as child, we are obviously not going to include boxed mac and cheese. I am going to put in a bread recipe that my friend taught me.”

Freshman Wesley Parker said he thinks it is a cool idea that Kipos is creating this cookbook and although he does not cook much he might buy the book as a gift for his mother. He said promoting organic eating will be great for the Whitworth community as he believes that GMOs can sometimes be harmful.

Freshman Pema Tshogyal said she looks forward to the book release and will buy it because she misses having organic food.

“Back home in Bhutan almost everything is organic and there are very few heavily processed foods; however, most of the ingredients we use back home are not available here so with the cookbook I will be able to make organic food using the ingredients that are found here in the United States,” Tshogyal said.

Recipe submissions are due April 1.

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