Third annual Yule Ball rings in the month of December

by Solenne de Tassigny | Staff Writer

Whitworth students were given an opportunity to escape from the stress of upcoming finals and fulfill a dream of attending Hogwarts with the Third Annual Yule ball taking place on Dec. 1.

Based off of an iconic ball taking place in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, this Whitworthian recreation turned the MPR in the HUB into a place featuring butterbeer and live music.

Put on by the Whitworth Swing and Ballroom Dance Club, the Yule Ball gave students an opportunity to learn how to ballroom dance with the aid of members of the club.

Following the ballroom dancing crash course, Whitworth students took their newly acquired skills to the dance floor for the remainder of the evening.

“I was excited to be be able to dress up and learn how to ballroom dance. Also, it’s Harry Potter, how cute is that?” said freshman Taylor Pannell.

“It’s such a cool idea to replicate.”

Attendees danced to music played by the musicians of Whitworth Jazz II, directed by the music department’s Christopher Parkin.

Christmas songs, such as Ode to Joy, filled the hall from 7:30pm to well past 11pm, as students enjoyed the music, ambiance and each others company.

“For the encore we played some of the older pieces and we all got really into it. I think the audience did too.” said drummer and sophomore, Ben Hills.

The musician’s playing the Yule Ball were asked by attendees to keep the show going with an encore that featured some of the Jazz II students favorite older pieces.

This semi-formal event drew in those dressed in ball gowns and suits as well as intrigued students passing by that were drawn in by the music and Harry Potter themed decor.

Those parched from dancing were offered homemade butterbeer and other sweet treats while taking a break alongside their peers.

The Third Annual Yule Ball kicked off the month of December with a festive and notably successful replica of the world created by J.K Rowling. Whitworth students were able to dress up and dance the night away in a popular setting.