Ask Izzy #3

Izzy Broussard | Staff Writer

Query: “I had a falling out with a friend and it’s been awkward ever since. But recently we’ve been trying out the friendship again. It’s still awkward. Help.”
~Sinking Friendship

Dear Sinking Friendship,

Friendship can be so hard! Especially at a small, private school. Not only do you have to deal with conflict, but also you have to shield it from prying eyes. I’m glad you are trying out the friendship once again. The awkwardness isn’t surprising, but I do feel like there are some ways for you to make it less awkward.

The first thing you have to realize is that the friendship will never “go back to normal.” That version of normalcy disintegrated when the falling out occurred. Now you and your friend have to construct a new and improved version of the friendship! Conflict can be very helpful and the fact that there is still a connection after all of it means that you have survived the worst of it.

The best solution to decrease awkwardness is to spend as much time with each other as possible. The more you spend time together, the more genuine the relationship will begin to feel. I believe that laughter can break the ice and help restore your bond. You can’t force laughter, but once it happens, it can smooth over so much awkwardness.

Remember that you need to talk honestly and openly in order to not repeat the past conflict. Self-disclosure and talking deeply can also help your friend feel like they can speak deeply too. These little communication tactics will help strengthen this new relationship and hopefully get you back on track!

Love, Izzy