DIY: Create an infinity scarf from old fabric

by Ashlynn Phillips

With the cool, crisp weather setting in, it is the perfect time to bundle up in a do-it-yourself infinity scarf found on Pinterest.

Step 1:      Find an old or new solid-color T-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up. If you want a longer scarf, a large T-shirt works best.

Step 2:      Lay the shirt out flat and cut along the bottom to cut off the hemline. (You won’t need that part.)

Step 3:      Start cutting two-inch wide strips along the bottom of the shirt, which will create large loops. Cut about five or six strips. If the edges of the loops aren’t cut perfectly straight, that’s OK.

Step 4:      Take all the loops and stretch them out. This will cause the sides to roll up and hide the uneven edges.

Step 5:      Lay the loops down on top of each other and take an extra piece of fabric to tie the loops together.

Step 6:      Finally, glue on a flower, or some other sort of embellishment to hide the tie on the loops.

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