Jazzing it up with the Roaring 20s

By Janeth Beltrán Apodaca | Staff Writer

Students Corbin Meyering (Left) and Erin Bell (Right) dance the night away at the Whitworth Swing and Ballroom Dance Club’s “Jazz Night” On Dec. 10, 2022, in the Whitworth Seeley G. Mudd Chapel | Timara Doyle/The Whitworthian

Entering the week of finals, Saturday of dead week was spent nothing close to dead for attendees of the Jazz Night event, sponsored by the Whitworth Swing and Ballroom Dance Club (SBDC). 

Jael Hudson, the club’s vice president, has been a member for three years and took the lead for the planning of this specific event. The event welcomed all students to enjoy some live music as they head into the final week of the semester. 

Planning for this event, Hudson and the rest of the officers brainstormed to find a fun theme with dances that matched the theme and could be easily taught at the event.  

“SBDC’s desire is not for our attendees to learn moves, though that is a perk, but rather for them to feel comfortable exploring dance and maybe enjoying [it] as much as we do,” said Hudson. 

They collaborated with the Whitworth Jazz Ensemble and concluded that the best theme for this year would be the Roaring 20s because it would pair perfectly with live music. “Once we had our theme, we distribute posters and plan the dances and decorations!” said Hudson.

Now the time is finally here.  

The Jazz Night event took place on Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. in the Seeley G. Mudd Chapel. 

While reflecting on what he was most excited for about the event, Hudson said, “I’m most looking forward to seeing everybody’s smiling faces as they learn new dances and have fun.” 

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