Whitworth Theology intern holds strong role in ministry

by Jo Miller

Seattle Pacific University and Whitworth have come to a wonderful intersection for one Whitworth graduate student. 

Katie Litzenberg had just graduated from SPU last year when she was presented the opportunity to join Whitworth as an intern and theology student

Litzenberg saw it as a phenomenal way to get involved in worship ministry and feed her passion for biblical literacy.

Her roles as a ministry leader in Cornerstone Residence Hall, an assistant to associate professor of music Ben Brody and chapel music intern make up her multifaceted job description.

“I feel like new passions are being cultivated, and new skills are being developed,” Litzenberg said.

She loved her time at SPU and has noticed that what makes both universities amazing are the same things. Both schools have an academic setting that perfectly house a Christian lifestyle and offer an abundance of mentors to go with it. The attitude of the students is also largely one that understands not everything is all about them.

In February, Litzenberg organized a summit and brought Whitworth students involved in the worship ministry to SPU to meet with the student worship leaders there. There were hours spent rehearsing, exchanging music and sharing ideas for enhancing worship experience. The time was encouraging and beneficial for both groups.

Litzenberg was involved in worship music at SPU and has brought her abilities to share with the Spokane community. She helps organize the worship services from behind the scenes at Mead’s newest church, Branches, and sings occasionally with the worship teams.

Although she wasn’t heavily involved in worship music until her last two years as an undergraduate, Litzenberg has been singing since she could talk. She recalls singing along to “The Lion King” soundtrack playing through her Walkman in car rides when she was a child in her hometown of Beaverton, Ore.

Litzenberg expresses a sincere appreciation of all kinds of music, but especially favors 1920s and ‘30s jazz and current acoustic indie groups.

Her desire to do a “Sister Act 2” type of Whitworth chapel is a perfect illustration of her up-in-front and humorous personality. Litzenberg considers her way of going about things to be in contrast to her parents and brother back home who tend to be quieter than she. She describes her family dynamic light-heartedly as one where she is constantly making a fool of herself.

“The more steps back you take, the more reasons you can find to laugh at yourself,” Litzenberg said.

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