Bryan Oliver Gallery Art Exhibit — Excavating Books: James Allen

The Whitworth University Art Department and the university’s Bryan Oliver Gallery are proud to present recent work from James Allen.

Artist statement: “I make book excavations by carving into old books to reveal their content in a new way. The possibilities for these altered books are as endless as the various books out there. The first and most important step is finding the right book. I prefer using books that have beautiful graphic imagery but I often incorporate bits of text as well. Once a book is chosen and I begin carving into it the process dictates itself. The books tell me what to reveal and cut away as I work. There’s already a sculpture inside the book that is revealed one page at a time.

“The works in this show are a small retrospective spanning many years. I hope that they display the possibilities of seeing old things in a new way. I’m always thinking of creative ways to use discarded and unwanted materials. Many of these works were books that were rescued from garbage cans or donated to me by people who no longer had use for them. I’ve been making book excavations for over 15 years, and I’m happy to say that there are more and more artists creating altered book art every day. Perhaps this show will inspire more people to join in the tradition.”



Oct 20 2023


10:00 am

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Lied Art Center's Bryan Oliver Gallery
Whitworth University

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