Forensics Exhibition showcases student talent

By Madalyn Bookout, Staff Writer

On Dec 1, Whitworth Forensics Speech and Debate Team held an exhibition in the Robinson Science Hall that showcased a debate, an impromptu speech, a programmed oral interpretation (POI) and a persuasive speech.  

“[The exhibition] is a really good opportunity for [the team] to be able to show our students, professors and their friends and family members more about what forensics is and what they have worked so hard on,” said Rylee Walter, assistant forensics coach.  

According to the Whitworth website, Whitworth Forensics is an interdisciplinary program open to students of all majors who are interested in the exchange of ideas and the improvement of public speaking skills. The team competes in tournaments nationwide.  

During the exhibition, attendees heard a debate centered around whether or not players should protest during the World Cup. The impromptu, which is a seven-minute speech that includes prep time within it, discussed why things are not always as objective as they seem. The POI, a dramatic interpretation of a combination of poetry and prose, discussed the painful removal of Native American children from their homes to U.S. boarding schools. The persuade focused on the importance of community.  

Kevin Grieves, Whitworth communications chair and professor, said he has been attending forensic events like the exhibition because it is impressive to see students in a context outside the classroom. He said it was encouraging to see the team discuss timely and relevant topics, some of which were controversial.  

This year there are a total of 15 members on the team, with more freshmen than last year, said Walter.  

“[The Forensics Team] is a very hardworking and very community-centered team that really does its best to have their students become better thinkers and better speakers at the same time,” said Deb Teressa, forensics member.  

Walter said forensics teaches students transferable job skills. It helps students become more competent speakers, better researchers and quicker thinkers.  

“We just want more people to know about this team so that more people can join if they’re interested,” said Teressa.  

To find more information about the Forensics team, reach out to, or follow the forensics Instagram @arguingbucs.  

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