In the Chambers March 7

by Melinda Leavitt

Hello all! ASWU has been busy in the last two weeks. We have mainly been tackling the issue of the Honors Program that will be starting up with next year’s freshman class. President Beck A. Taylor came and spoke to us this week on the subject. Out of that conversation, good discussion regarding students’ questions on the subject was worked through. The Honors Program will affect every student on this campus in one way or another and we realize that everyone has their own idea of what an Honors Program ought to look like. Although ASWU strives to be representative of the larger student body, we can’t ask the questions that you personally have. So, we invite you to come to a forum on the Honors Program Thursday, March 8 at 5 p.m. in the Catering Rooms next to the Sodexo entrance. Seriously, stop in and ask your questions to the people who know what they’re talking about. Michael Le Roy will be taking any and all questions, opinions, and comments because he wants to make a document of frequently asked questions by students so everyone can have access to information. Take an extra 10-20 minutes, skip the mad rush for dinner at 5, and come be a part of this event, then go get dinner.

Secondly, from two weeks ago, we chartered the KIPPOS club. This club is all about gardening. How rad, right?! Go check out their club meetings and get involved.

Last but not least, that glorious event of the Spring is coming … Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, its Superhero Springfest! That’s right, the time when the students of Whitworth get together and celebrate the sun, the end of school, and get really awesome t-shirts while being entertained by the Mr. Whitworth competition and really great bands and magicians. Tickets will be sold for activities at booths and all of the money raised will be given to the BELIEF group to keep that awesome program going for years to come. Our theme is superheroes, so start planning your spandex and cape costumes now! Look out for more announcements and information to come.

As always, contact me or your local Senator/Rep/ ASWU friend with your thoughts and opinions on anything and everything. We’d love to hear from you! Keep working hard in class and in life. My favorite quote right now is this from Jim Elliot: “Wherever you are, be all there.” Be engaged, get involved and catch that pinecone.

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