In the Chambers Nov. 14

Molly Beth Hough
ASWU President

Hello Friends!
I hope you have all been able to watch Minutes in a Minute to keep up on the latest news within ASWU. Well, the cold weather has finally arrived and I am still in denial hoping the sun will come out. But! Instead of focusing on the rainy weather…play the glad game and think of one thing you are grateful for. Do it. Right now! I am grateful for laughter, fires and hot chocolate!

Any who, lets get down to business. Two weeks ago in the chambers we had Larry Burnley, Assistant Vice President of Diversity and Intercultural Relations, come and speak to ASWU about the different diversity initiatives that are part of the 2021 plan. It was great to hear about the time, energy and passion that is being put into our diversity commitment as a university. The university is also examining how to best support underrepresented students once they are on campus. They want to provide the best experience and environment possible for all students. I know that you have all memorized the 2021 plan, but if you would like to know more about these plans I would encourage you to take a look at it. You may also contact Larry Burnley if you have any questions of your own.

Audrey Gudeman also came to speak to ASWU about the different bias incidents that have been happening around campus to an array of students. She spoke about the seriousness of this issue because Whitworth students do not feel safe and that is unacceptable. Audrey is one of the individuals currently trying to collaborate with faculty and staff to ensure that all students feel safe. Let’s be a university that is accepting to all students.

This past week Aaron Leetch, Athletic Director of Whitworth, gave us an update on the athletic department. Whitworth’s athletes are doing an incredible job. Let’s go Bucs!

Remember to visit our meetings every Wednesday at 5 p.m.! Email Tim Gjefle if you would like to be put on the dinner list for a free meal. I hope you all have a great week and make sure to say hi when I see you around campus!

Live Bold. Be Fierce.

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