Meet the new 2022-2023 ASWU Finance Director, Michael Stavridis

By Isaac Price | Staff Writer

The election for finance director was a very tight race all the way through, with the three initial candidates being Nicolas Caballero ‘24, Emma John ’24, and Michael Stavridis ’25. All were very qualified, according to the 2021-2022 ASWU Vice President Chris Clay.  None of the three candidates received 40 percent of the vote, so the election went into runoff between John and Stavridis. 

“It will suck to call whomever doesn’t get it, but I hope they will decide to run again, because all three of them are young.  I want to see how this experience will pour over into their final years,” Clay said before the results came out.  

The final vote came out in favor of Stavridis, a current first-year majoring in business administration.  The Whitworthian spoke with Stavridis over email about his hopes for the year as finance director. 

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and length. 

Why did you decide to run for finance director? 

“I ran for this ASWU position because I saw it as a good opportunity to expand my knowledge and skillset on some already harnessed skills, as well as learn a series of new skills both specifically related to my position as financial director and as a member of the executive team. Also, as an international student, part of the reason I came to the USA for college was to immerse myself in the culture both on campus and generally in the US, and this position is a great way to interact with staff, faculty and students, which will greatly contribute to that fact.” 

What are some experiences you’ve had on campus, both inside and outside of ASWU, that will help with this position? 

“I have a great team with whom I have already established relationships, and I believe our combined skillsets, knowledge and passion will result in a great year for ASWU and the students of Whitworth.  

“Outside ASWU, I have interacted with many students on campus, [and I] am involved with numerous on-campus clubs and organizations. This will all result in a more well-rounded, student-centric approach to decision-making and problem solving.” 

How do you hope to shape the team next year as financial director?  

“I hope to provide a unique, respectable view and voice to the table. As an international student, the perspective I [will] bring will hopefully be new, fresh and thought-provoking. I also plan to encourage others to provide the team with the same, ultimately resulting in the transformation of ASWU as an organization.” 

What three goals do you have or what changes do you want to affect on campus during your year as financial director? 

 “I, with the help of my team, aim to: 1) increase overall ASWU event attendance, 2) increase knowledge of financial literacy on campus, and 3) contribute to the betterment of student life on and off campus.” 

Is there anything else the student body should know about you? 

“I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and I am very excited at the prospect of this position.”  

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