Multiple staff members fill open Student Life position

Note:  Corrections were made to this story, which previously referred to the staff members and positions as faculty. The headline also said “faculty members” rather than “staff members.”

by Alyssa Saari

After almost 18 years at Whitworth, Nicole Boymook, the Assistant Dean of Off-Campus Students and Student Success, finished her time at Whitworth last week. She was offered a position at an institution in San Diego to continue her work with international students and helping their transition into American culture.

“I’m not sure of all the details, but she was offered a really cool position that fit her talents and desires. She also loved the idea of a warmer climate,” Leslie Watkins, program coordinator, said.

Boymook played a major role in Student Life, a role that took several current staff members to fill during the transition period.

“Her position is difficult to fill with just one person,” Watkins said.

The responsibilities left by Boymook have been accepted and divided between five Student Life faculty members: Dayna Coleman, Alan Jacob, Landon Crecelius, Sarah Washam and Jeff Podmayer.

Dayna Coleman, the Assistant Dean of Student Activities, is now also managing Off-Campus Student Activities.

Alan Jacob, the Associate Director of Housing, accepted the oversight of student theme houses and the housing selection processes.

Landon Crecelius, International Senior Student Success Advocate and former member of the Student Success Team, completely adopted the position as the Director of the Student Success Department.

Sarah Washam, Resident Director for Stewart and the Village, is filling Crecelius’ old position as the Student Success Advocate.

With the shifts of Crecelius and Washam, Jeff Podmayer will be taking over Washam’s role as resident director for Stewart and the Village.

“Each faculty member took on areas that made sense and coordinates with what they are currently doing. It’s awesome that they can step up and have the personality to say, ‘Yeah, I’ll fill in the gaps here,’” Watkins said, expressing her admiration for the hard work the faculty of Student Life puts forth.

This transition period will remain for the rest of spring semester. The search for a permanent replacement for Boymook continues. As Watkins said before, it will be hard to find one person to take on all of those responsibilities.

“Anytime you have a person who leaves an institution who was so branched out in their duties and responsibilities, it’s a time to take a step back to see how things were and should be run,” Watkins said.

By the fall semester, we may see a new face within the Student Life staff or current staff taking on completely new roles.

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