Why we need the Women’s March

by Abby Nye

The first Women’s March was held on Jan. 21, 2016. The march was organized in response to President Trump’s inauguration. The march has become a movement that brings awareness to the oppression women experience everyday. According to womensmarch.com, this movement advocates for reproductive rights, LGBT rights, ending domestic violence and more. The march is a peaceful one and does not include or support violent protests. The non-violent nature of the Women’s March has brought about criticism of its effectiveness. One argument against the movement suggests that there is no way of seeing real change by simply organizing a march. However, there is an incredible influence in a movement that is simply present, as has been demonstrated by past civil rights marches.

Donald Trump’s election as the President of the United States was perceived by progressive movements as a backward step in the women’s rights movement. Trump has allegedly made unwanted sexual advances toward women and denouncing accessible reproductive health care, among other incidences. Holding the first Women’s March the day after he was inaugurated demonstrated to the world that there is a massive group of people who didn’t support this election. Trump succeeded in uniting the nation and “making America great again.”

 I believe that our nation needed Trump to be in this position of power. Although he supports most everything that I’m against, the vast amount of people who also disagree with him finally have a common goal to work against. The Women’s March is not about overthrowing Trump, but simply to show the U.S. there is a group that supports women’s rights and all the other movements that go with it. The women’s march has successfully united a diverse group of people who believe women’s rights are a necessity. This movement provides a place for everyone who feels oppressed, and even those who don’t. It’s about everyone knowing there is an advocate for them, they are known and seen and being fought for. Trump may have popularized the term, but it’s really the Women’s March that has actually made America great.

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