Mustache March makes its way to Whitworth

by Whitney Carter

It’s that time of year. Men of all ages, shapes, sizes and strength will forgo the razor when it comes to that space on their upper lip. Mustache March is upon us again and, much like they were for No-Shave November, sentiments are mixed.

Junior Ian Whitlock, is an incredibly huge fan of facial hair in general. You’ve probably seen him around campus. Earlier this year he sported a shaved head alongside a set of chops that can only be described as impressive. To Ian, Mustache March is more than just a month, it’s a lifestyle.

“It’s my favorite month of the year,” Whitlock said. “It’s reppin’ mustaches. It’s an entire month to be ridiculous.”

With the focus and heart of an Olympian, Whitlock has been prepping for Mustache March since No-Shave November. His freshman year was the first time he attempted it. He said that in the beginning, his mustache was gross, but since then it’s gotten better and better and this year should be the best yet.

 He also said that members of the opposite sex are generally not the biggest fans of the month.

“Girls hate it. Every girl I’ve ever talked to hates it,” Whitlock said.

In response to the kind of creepy reputation of mustaches he has a simple response:

“People with mustaches don’t kill people…in Mustache March, it [the creepy factor] doesn’t matter. As long as you’re wearing a mustache it’s okay.”

While I don’t believe that that’s true, at all, I do like to see the camaraderie that is created by this massive effort for upper lip hair.

Apparently Mustache March stemmed from a good-natured protest against facial hair regulations.

Whitlock believes that anyone can grow a mustache; some just need a little more help than others.

“You gotta rock it; whatever it is,” Whitlock said. “Even if it’s really blonde and you can’t really see it, get some mascara and darken it a little; just ferment it.”

In general, Mustache March would have a tough time finding a bigger fan than Ian Whitlock. They also wouldn’t have to look hard to find people, women in particular, that aren’t fans.

“I love mustache march, it’s a beautiful time and I think mustaches should be around all the time,” Whitlock said. “It’s all about just making it your own though. You gotta have your own style with it. You want it to grow wild, you do that. You’re also allowed to trim it up, groom it. Maintain it. I’m probably gonna maintain it this year.”

I am not a fan of Mustache March. Personally, I don’t really dig facial hair at all. The guys get something that brings them together; it creates a little unity. Now who wants to offer a female equivalent?

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