Why is it so hard to buy presents for guys? 

By: Lauren Montague, columnist

Graphic by Ben Gallaway | The Whitworthian

“Guys are hard to buy presents for😂 Do you have some go-to ideas for Christmas/birthday presents for boyfriends/fiancés/husbands? I’m always looking for new ideas!” 

From: Maggie 

Dear Maggie, 

You have asked the age-old question… the question that every girlfriend in the history of girlfriends has asked every time there’s an upcoming birthday, holiday or anniversary. I have asked this question too many times to count. However, I do think I could give you some ideas! 

If I have learned anything from the struggle of finding a gift for my boyfriend, it’s that there are two ways you could go. (Technically there’s a third way too, but it’s optional).  

The first option is to go the techy route. For some reason, guys have a thing for electronics. I won’t presume that women don’t either, but it’s definitely a thing for guys, and it’s always the newest, sleekest, hottest thing. Whether it be the newest Apple product, the newest game console or even the newest car, those are the things that attract them, like moths to a flame.  

And don’t even get me started on shoes.  

There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things, but some of us ladies don’t have those kinds of funds! (At least, I don’t!) So what do we do instead? What do we get them if we can’t get them what they really want? 

This is where option two comes in. If you don’t have the money to spend on a pair of Beats, go the sentimental route.  

This route is cost-efficient, thoughtful and will hopefully make your boyfriend cry when he receives it. Getting him a sentimental present will show that even though you didn’t have the money to spend on him, you cared enough to donate your time to make something special for him that means something to the two of you. This route is especially great for anniversaries, but will work for holidays or birthdays too! 

The third, optional route is to get him something he actually needs—say, like bath towels, a razor, a new pair of jeans, a frying pan, etc.  

This one is a little iffy to me.  

For me, clothes are better presents than necessities like kitchen supplies, but not everyone has the same opinion. I also like to save special occasions for special presents. However, if this is already how your relationship works, and you express your love by getting each other things you both need, then this is a great option. These kinds of necessities aren’t usually as expensive as the electronics, they’re easier than coming up with something sentimental, and you know your boyfriend/fiancé/husband will like it. 

Above all, keep in mind what he likes! How does he receive gifts? Does he enjoy receiving or giving more? What is special to him – new items or sentimental things that aren’t monetarily valuable at all? What gifts have you seen him receive in the past that he absolutely loves? You know him best. You’ve got this! 

Finally, I would like to bestow upon you a list of gift ideas, not counting the ones above: 

Matching bracelets. Hoodies. Nike socks. Mats for his car. Cologne. Candles. Scrapbook of all your favorite pictures together. Books. Board games. Card games. Giant bags of candy. Sneakers. Headphones. Phone case. Tickets to a concert or movie. Day trip to somewhere like Leavenworth. Mini golf. Laser tag. Gift card to his favorite store. Take him out for dinner and drinks. Backpack. Blanket. Hats. Xbox controller. Yoga mat. Resistance bands. Luggage. Box full of memories together. A framed photo of you or the two of you.  

I could go on! I hope these ideas help. Happy shopping! 


Your older sister

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