Senior Reflections: Jenny Adams and Joel Condraey

by Nicole Oh | Staff Writer

Jennifer Adams and Joel Condreay are both senior student athletes that competed as Pirates for the past four years. Both athletes share and reflect on their individual experiences, and share what will be next for them.

Jennifer Adams is a member of Whitworth women’s tennis team. She is graduating with a nursing major and some of her hobbies include playing the piano and guitar as well as going on mission trips. 

“My overall experience as a member of the Whitworth tennis team has been extremely good, thanks to the coaches who have served not only as coaches, but as mentors. The amount of care and support people put in is a reflection of how much it matters to everyone,” Adams said. 

“One of my favorite memories from freshman year was when we came in and competed in this tournament with a bunch of players from the entire conference. Going in with no expectations, we won every match, but lost in the final. It was super exciting and a great experience.” 

A best memory from junior year included the success her and her doubles partner, Bella Hoyos, had. “We honestly had such an incredible time. We upset several nationally ranked teams and played in sync. It was a great season to learn how to compete at such a high level,” she said.

During her senior year it was the team aspect and the people who made it such a incredible year.

One of the biggest things Adams learned is “how to manage time and see the busyness as a good thing. It is all about being able to prioritize your time while pursuing what you love.” Adams is currently applying to be a nurse at Sacred Heart. 

“Right now the plan is to stay in Spokane and help assistant coach, it is pretty up the air but you never know what may happen,” she said.

Joel Condreay is a four-year member of the baseball team. Condreay is majoring in accounting and outside of playing baseball, enjoys watching sports and reading.

“My overall experience at Whitworth playing baseball has been overwhelmingly positive. You never know what you are going to get when you come to a school. However, for me the experience I signed up for was exactly the one I got,” he said. 

Throughout Condreay’s career he has been a part of two Northwest Conference Championship teams, which are some of his best memories, he said.

“Anytime you win a conference tournament it is one of the best feelings,” he said.

One of the biggest lessons Condreay will take away from this team is “understanding no matter what you’re doing you’re competing to be successful. You don’t need to wait for opportunity, just go after all the ones you get.” 

After graduating this spring, Condreay has a job set up as an accountant in Seattle. With baseball being a huge passion of Condraey, he will wait to see what happens in terms of playing baseball after college, and possibly even pursue a career as a baseball coach.

“Overall my plan is to wait and see if I can play professionally and weigh the job that I’ve already been offered,” Condreay said.

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