5 ways Whitworthians eat popcorn

by Jordan Coleman | Staff Writer

Pop your corn, pick your topping, and pig out. Whitworth students profess their love for their popcorn creations and share how they discovered these unique recipes. Typically, when one hears about popcorn for a movie night or when eaten as midnight snack, it is generally assumed around Whitworth campus that the popcorn will be enjoyed with butter and salt. However, there are a few students who feel differently, and find joy in their special popcorn habits.

Senior Annika Stough said she enjoys any kind of chocolate product with her popcorn to satisfy her salt and sweet cravings.

Sophomore Tyler Whitman indulges in putting parmesan cheese on his popcorn, quenching his desire for something cheesy, he said.

Sophomore Karen Rodriguez appreciates Tapatio along with lime juice on her popcorn, gratifying her love for spice, she said.

Junior Nathan Elsheimer said he enjoys honey on his popcorn, and even garlic-onion powder when he is up for a kick to the taste buds.

Freshman Rheanne Lewis fancies hot sauce and lemon juice on her popcorn, or melted peanut butter and coconut oil depending on what she is yearning, she said.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy popcorn, listen and learn from these five students who stepped away from the typical butter and salt tradition.

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