In the Loop: All Media

As it stands, student media cannot truly function as a free press on campus, and ASWU is not operating under the transparency they claim to hold dear.

“Us” Review

The Horror genre has benefitted from something akin to a Renaissance in recent years; after James Wan’s seminal Conjuring films, more directors have challenged themselves to explore how this category of film can be reserved for more than just cheap jump scares.

Senior art exhibition preview

The senior art students are counting down the weeks until the annual senior art exhibition. The exhibit is composed of around 12-15 works from the senior art students and planned out by the students themselves.

The pressure of Whitworth’s “ideal student”

The “ideal” Whitworth student: Christian. Goes to Hosanna every week; to Awake; to chapel. Pure. Has a specific set of beliefs and values. Reads their Bible. Listens to all the current worship songs. Posts photos on social media of their Bibles, highlighters, and coffee. Has a Bible verse in their Instagram bio.

Whitworth alums expand Spokane non-profit

Global Neighborhood Thrift (GN Thrift), a non-profit started by Whitworth alumni Brent and Amy Hendricks, will be opening a new and larger thrift store with a weekend full of free food, music, and discounted items.

More than just the radio

As students made their way into the HUB on April 4, music, candy and a variety of student-led radio programs encouraged students to learn, engage, and tune in to Whitworth.FM radio.