Ten Valentine’s Day ideas for the low-budget college student

by Marisa Palazzo | Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day today and a student’s budget, you’re probably wondering what you could do to make this a special day with your significant other. Well, you’re in luck: this list is full of wonderful ideas.

1.  For  a classic romantic dinner out with a lower price tag, dress up and go to Five Guys for burgers and milkshakes, or Mod Pizza. These restaurants are popular, not too spendy and a lot of fun. Dressing up will make the occasion special, and besides who doesn’t like to dress up every once in a while?

2.  Want more of a sit-down option? You could try going to Shari’s for a slice of pie. Dress up, sit down for a while, and enjoy some amazing desert.

3.  If you don’t have a car, you could always make dinner together in the dorm. Not only is this a bonding experience, but it’s also a great break from the food at Sodexo.

4.  Still want dessert?  Bake your favorite cookies together. This option allows for quality time, cookie decorating and a sweet dessert.

5.  Watching a romantic movie together is never a bad way to go. Romance, cuddling and quality time all in one. Classics like “The Princess Bride” are always good.

6.   Spend the night playing your favorite board or card games together. This option is fun and will bring out your competitive side.

7.  How about going for a walk around the Back 40? Talk, spend some time together and enjoy the fresh air.

8.  Going ice skating together could also be a really fun experience. You get to leave campus for a little while and spend some quality time on the ice with your significant other talking and holding hands. Try the ice ribbon downtown, it’s bound to be a memorable experience.

9.  Watch the sunrise or the sunset together. This is a wonderful way to either start or end the day. It’s both beautiful and super sweet.

10. Long distance relationship? No problem. Have a coffee date via Skype. Take some time out of your day to let your significant other know you care.

Whether you want to spend your Valentine’s Day in the traditional fashion, or in a more unique way this list of ideas should get you started. Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, so make this one count, and be sure to spend some quality time with your significant other.