Movie Review: “Enola Holmes”

by Denali Herrick 

Have you ever wondered about Sherlock Holmes’ family? In “Enola Holmes,” a Netflix original film starring Millie Bobby Brown, the audience gets a look at Sherlock’s family through the eyes of his sister, Enola, and sees that brilliance is not a unique trait in the Holmes household. This eye-catching and inspiring movie takes the audience along for an adventure as Enola searches for her missing mother.  

Within the first minutes of the movie, the audience is transported into the scene. Surprisingly, Enola immediately breaks the fourth wall and talks to the camera like the audience is in the story with her. Enola describes her background, setting the adventurous and exciting tone for the rest of the movie as she rides around on her bicycle. The choice to break the fourth wall made the movie much more entertaining because the audience feels like Enola’s accomplice in this adventure.  

To add to the excitement, the whole movie is fast-paced and upbeat. Even though the film is a longer one at two hours, there is never a dull moment. The suspense and action keep the audience alert, and every scene brings new surprises. At times, these can be a little overwhelming, but nonetheless, an overwhelming movie is better than a bland one.  

The movie has many fun elements. The creators use scene transitions commonly seen in classic films to make the audience feel like they are in the late 1800s, which is the time period in which the movie is set. Flashbacks are used effectively, which makes the movie more interesting and dynamic.  

Millie Bobby Brown is the perfect actress to play Enola. Her acting is brilliant and humorous, and she makes Enola feel real and sincere. Additionally, the dialogue is well-written and witty. A significant motif in “Enola Holmes” is the use of words. The storyline is full of wordplay and codes. Even Enola’s name is a code – it spells alone backwards.  

Some themes within “Enola Holmes” are individuality and equality. The story is set in a time when women were expected to conform to society’s standards of how a “lady” should act. However, Enola breaks down these walls and embraces her strong, adventurous self.  

As Enola says, “So how to conclude?” Overall, “Enola Holmes” is a well written and entertaining movie. Its fast-paced style and unique effects make the story come to life. This feature is an excellent addition to the Sherlock Holmes franchise, as well as a must-watch movie. 10/10 Pinecones.