A Recap of One Pine Day

By Ruby Brady | Staff Writer

One Pine Day is a crowdfunding initiative started by Whitworth University to help finance and facilitate the projects of Whitworth students. 

This year, One Pine Day, which took place from Feb. 21-24, raised money for 20 student activities. According to Anya Boehning, the assistant director of annual giving, this “is the most that we’ve ever had.”  

After One Pine Day, 14 projects met or exceeded their desired funding. Student projects include providing furniture and tools for Westminster Garden, redesigning the shared study lounge for history and business students and purchasing a pitching machine for Whitworth’s baseball team. 

All student projects must undergo an application process through Annual Giving. The first round seeks to determine how the project connects to Whitworth and its mission. “We look for projects that are, one: do they make a tangible impact on students’ lives?” Boehning said. “Two: we look at Whitworth’s mission.”  

Boehning added that projects must demonstrate the potential to raise the excellence of Whitworth’s students. The second round allows Advancement Services to gather more information about the projects from their respective student leaders. 

As it stands now, Boehning stated that One Pine Day 2023 raised $215,488.63 overall. This number is bound to increase as donations will be accepted until March 31. To learn more about student projects and track their funding, click here.  

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