Are aliens real?  

By Ruby Brady | Staff Writer 

On Wednesday, April 6, sophomore Niraj Pandey brought a question before a group of Whitworth students: do aliens exist? And if so, why?  

This question was asked at the inaugural meeting of the Skeptics Club, which was chartered this semester. Pandey is the club’s first president.  

Pandey said the Skeptics Club “is dedicated to exploring the vast and fascinating world of epistemology and philosophy.” 

The first meeting of the Skeptics Club was a discussion about whether it is reasonable or not for aliens to be able to see earth and if so, why would they want to deal with us.  

Pandey said, “this club got started as a way to open the conversations that our friend group has all the time to the wider campus populus.”  

Pandey and a group of his friends started the club to examine and ask big questions on campus, and as a way for people to have their beliefs respectfully challenged.  

Students who hope to attend do not need to have any background in philosophy, Pandey said. “Whether you are a seasoned philosopher or simply someone who enjoys a good intellectual debate, we promise to be the start of many stimulating and thought-provoking discussions.” 

Skeptics Club leadership hopes that students who attend will gain the ability to figure out what they believe and how to apply those beliefs into education. Pandey said, “critical thinking, questioning assumptions and challenging beliefs are vital components of a well-rounded education, and we are eager to delve into the complexities of these topics.”  

For more information on the skeptic’s club, you can follow them on Instagram @whitworthskeptics

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