Farm boy journeys through the arts

by Lauren Otheim

Caleb Klein, a sophomore theatre major, initially entered Whitworth as a music education major.

Klein grew up on a farm, the fifth of seven children.  During his childhood Klein’s family was very involved in music, and he joined in on violin at the age of six.

Klein is very dedicated to his family and even wants to spend time as a stay-at-home dad when he has his own family.  Klein attributes his love of family and music to the fact that the farm he grew up on was 2100 acres.

“Whenever you live on a farm like that it’s very family based,” Klein said.  “Until you can drive you don’t get to see a whole lot of other people unless you beg your older siblings to drive you into town.”

Klein played violin until high school.  After ninth grade Klein became more interested in vocal music which has shaped his musical involvement ever since.

In high school Klein served as a head Chaplin, helping to direct his school’s worship team.  Since coming to college Klein joined in Whitworth’s choir and the worship team for Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church.

During his first semester Klein took theatre and dance classes for fun and began to become more interested in a theatre major.

“I just didn’t have the passion for the technical part of music that I used to,” Klein said.  “I don’t know that it was any one thing that turned me away from it.  I just didn’t have the pull towards [music] that I started to have towards the theatre.”

Fall semester of his freshman year Klein was told by a friend that he should try out a position as house manager for the theatre department.  As a financial aid student, Klein was originally interested because being a house manager would help alleviate costs, he said.

After applying for and obtaining the position of house manager for Spring 2010, Klein fell in love with the job.  Klein continued as house manager in Fall 2010.  Klein doesn’t mind performing, but he doesn’t have the same passion for the stage as he does managing, he said.

“I still get to be the people person and work with others,” Klein said.

House manager oversees everything, such as the ushers and house productions.  Klein hopes to be able to use his skills and passions at eastern Washington.  Klein’s ideal job would be in a smaller, less formal community where he could incorporate both his music and theatre skills.

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