ChAOS Club comes together to unite students in STEM

By Hannah Foster | Staff Writer

Students meet together for the ChAOS Club Wednesday Evening | Photos by Westley Hackler

On Wednesday Sept. 29, Whitworth’s ChAOS (Chemistry and other Sciences Club) Club had their first meeting of the school year, during which club members and advisors came together in Robinson Science Hall 210 to eat some pizza and watch Bill Nye.  

ChAOS serves many purposes in the Whitworth community, such as connecting students who are passionate about science, as well as introducing those students to professors in a casual setting. The club also strives to promote diversity in the scientific community by encouraging individuals from all backgrounds to get involved, along with peer advising from upperclassman.  

When asked about how the club fosters fellowship between professors and students, Savanah Young, the ChAOS Club President, said, “Connecting with professors means gaining opportunities. You have the opportunity to not only form special connections with professors who might share the same passions as you, but you also gain opportunities to grow in your academics.”

There were lots of new faces at Wednesday’s meeting, including first-year biology major Isabella Taylor, who said, “The club seems like a really fun group of people who might be able to give me a helping hand when the going gets tough.”  

Several professors also attended the meeting; they were eager to interact with students and start building connections with people in the department. Students of other majors who are interested in science are also welcomed to join the club and get involved in the events planned for the semester, like movies, trivia, guest lectures, egg drops and more.  

As the semester gets increasingly intense, the club provides an opportunity for students to join a community and participate in events, which helps prevent academic burnout by allowing students to take a break.  

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