Club Update: Association for Computing Machinery

by Emily Goodell 

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is Whitworth’s resident computer science club. The club helps to organize students majoring and minoring in computer science, as well as organizing programs for all students to help them learn computer programming.

“ACM’s purpose is to educate and promote computer science in all aspects of life, for everyone,” Bryan Hassel, co-vice president of web development for ACM said.

There are eight people on leadership for ACM. They have a president, two co-vice presidents of web development, an executive vice president, two co-vice presidents of gaming, a treasurer and a secretary.

Hassel led an HTML/CSS workshop last Thursday in the Eric Johnson Science Center.

“Programming really helps you in all disciplines. It gives you a new way to think of and understand the world of technology that we’re living in,” Hassel said.

The club has no regular meeting schedule, but offers numerous workshops and opportunities throughout the year.

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