Club Update: Eagle Club

by Alyssa Saari

The Eagle Club was founded by senior Eric Nikssarian, and was established in the spring of 2014.The club was initially based on the idea of joining previous Boy Scouts together in attempts to influence and volunteer within the scouting community.

Nikssarian wanted the club to be open to everyone, regardless of any past scouting experience. He extended the club to include volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations, such as Christ Kitchen, in order to encourage and influence anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference to join.

“Join the club and we’ll find a place for you,” Nikssarian said. As the president of the Eagle Club, Nikssarian believes it’s important for students to find what inspires them and to feel comfortable volunteering in a position they know will work for them. Regardless of scouting or volunteer experience, there is a place for everyone and Nikssarian works with his members to find their place.

Nikssarian was initially given the idea to start the Eagle Club by a Tiger Scout Den Leader. As a sophomore, Nikssarian was convinced by a very influential classmate, John Ekber, to become a sports broadcaster for Whitworth FM during the current basketball season. At the first home game of the season, Nikssarian spotted a group of Tiger Scouts and their Den Leader. A former scout, he appreciated their presence and introduced himself. The Den Leader asked for Nikssarian to speak to the boys and they kept in contact.

A few months later, the Den Leader gave Nikssarian the idea to start the club.

“At first I didn’t know what the club was going to do,” Nikssarian said. He started the club and went with the flow. Eventually an opportunity presented itself and it all fell together.

Today the club has been active in many scouting and nonprofit opportunities as well as nature hikes. Their next coming event is Food for Thought on November 19, working to feed the homeless in downtown Spokane at the House of Charity.  The club meets every Monday night at 7 p.m in Weyerheuser 305. For more information, contact Eric Nikssarian at

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