Club Update: Pep Band

by Kyla Parkins

Pep Band is a new club in its first year at Whitworth. At the end of last semester, sophomore Madison Artis and a group of fellow music enthusiasts were determined to start a Pep Band, even though no group had been successful in starting one in the past.

Once the group gained support from the school, they became an official club.

So far, the band has played at three football games, and hope to continue to play at basketball games after football season is over. The band plays classic pep songs, popular music, and also a newly-arranged version of the Whitworth fight song.

The Pep Band brings spirit and liveliness to football games, and hopes to someday expand to be a full-sized band. The band’s goal for next year is to play at the homecoming football game, and to invite alumni musicians to play with them.

If you have any questions about Pep Band or want to join, contact Madison Artis.

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