Confessions of a physics major

by Allison Marshall

Marc Rollins, a junior physics major, doesn’t exactly fit the mold for your stereotypical science enthusiast. Not long after dismissing the topic of a career in physics, Rollins revealed his true passion for music.
“If I were being perfectly honest, I chose the wrong major freshman year,” Rollins said. “My passion is not physics, but music and to some extent philosophy.”

Despite his success within the physics department, including two summers of research with Dr. Kamesh Sankaran, Rollins explains that it’s music that brings him joy and relieves stress during a crazy week. Rollins’ can often be found “jamming” on the guitar in his room or in the lounges of Mac, where he says the type of music he plays depends on his mood.

“Some days are nice acoustic song days and others are different,” Rollins said.

Rollins played music from a young age, experimenting with the tuba, trumpet and the french horn throughout middle school and high school. As a member of his school band at Prosser High School Rollins said his lack of mastery with those instruments made the experience mediocre.

Growing up, Rollins’ first introduction to music was listing to his mother play the piano. Like many children his age, his parents encouraged him to play, however he regrettably quit, Rollins said.

“Sometimes my mom would sit down and play the piano and I’d say, wow, I wish I could do that,” Rollins said.

Upon entering Whitworth, Rollins obtained a greater love and knowledge of music.

“I had zero exposure to popular music before I came to Whitworth,” Rollins said. “I grew up with a lot of Christian praise music and a lot of classical. I would Kill to be able to compose like Beethoven, well maybe not kill, but someone may end up in the hospital.”

Now in addition to jazz and classical, Rollins adds rock to his musical tastes. Exposure to bands such as Muse and Breaking Benjamin played by his freshman-year roommate, Ben Hamming, broadened his horizons, he said.

In the future Rollins hopes to incorporate music into his life, whether it be writing music, or just playing for fun in his spare time.

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