Emily Miller writes a new Whitworth anthem

by Caitlin Richmond

Most people have probably heard Ke$ha’s first single “Tik Tok,” but senior Emily Miller has written a new version people at Whitworth will appreciate more than the original. 

“Ode to Whitworth” is one of the various parodies Miller has written, although it is the first one she’s written specifically about Whitworth. Miller likes to take popular songs and write new lyrics to them, then record them on her computer and post them online to her ReverbNation website.

Miller started writing parodies when she was 14.

“I would send them to all my friends in middle school”, she said. “I didn’t start recording them ‘til I got to college.”

Once Miller started attending Whitworth she could record her songs using Rock Band, something she didn’t have access to before.

“I love singing, so recording them seemed like the obvious next step,” Miller said. Although she isn’t majoring in music or voice, she is part of the women’s choir at Whitworth.

When Miller decides to write a parody, she usually picks a popular song so people will recognize it. Then she tries to find a funny rhyme substitution or writes something that will contrast with the original lyrics.

“Sometimes they are really quick and other times it has taken up to a week [to write a song],” Miller said. “I have lots of unfinished songs that I haven’t gotten around to because I don’t think they’re funny enough.”

Miller decided to write the song about Whitworth because she is graduating in May.

“It’s my last year here, and I have really grown to appreciate Whitworth to the extent that I can make fun of it,” she said. “Some things are funny, but I’m proud I go here.”

The sudden popularity of the song surprised Miller.

“I put it on Facebook the weekend before spring break to show a couple friends,” she said. “I had no idea it would take off the way it did.”

Miller said she hasn’t gotten any bad feedback about the song.

“I’ve gotten an overwhelming positive response to it,” she said.

Before she graduates Miller is hoping to make a music video to go along with “Ode to Whitworth,” using students from Whitworth.  She might try to write another song before graduation in addition to the video.

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