Engage in art with “UNTITLED: X”

By Hui Yi Soh | Contributing Writer

Art exhibit “UNTITLED: X” opens in the Lied Art Center at Whitworth University, Spokane, WA. Monday, May 8., 2023 | Juan Rodriguez/The Whitworthian

“UNTITLED: X” presents artworks made by Whitworth seniors over the years. Held in the Lied Center for the Visual Arts, the annual art exhibition displays the works of Whitworth senior artists and graphic designers Sav Perez, David Oh, Rowan Hoerner, Rachel Strauch, Ceithlinn Gates, Aleja LeVert, Noelia Bacio, Dharma Myers, Cailee Parham and Angela Turcios.

“UNTITLED: X” showcases what the seniors have made throughout the year. Each artist made specific artwork for the exhibition. Depending on the size of the canvas, some students only had a few pieces and some had multiple.

LeVert included four pieces, which are all digital illustrations with mixed-media elements from gold leaf to fabrics. She uses gold leaves to highlight the beauty of Grillz. “With my art, I’m all about celebrating my culture,” LeVert said. “For art majors, it’s what we dream of doing outside of the classroom. This opportunity is a glimpse of what it could be like afterward.”

Oh said that one of the benefits of art education is being knowledgeable about art or knowing the techniques by looking at an artwork. In an article from Rethinking the Future, a platform for architecture and design online, writer Mrinal Patil said that art exhibitions are where art objects meet their audiences. Art allows for emotion to be expressed, and for voices to be heard. Patil wrote that these techniques can be in effect if the audience can see and understand them.

“It’s inspiring to see your peers’ artworks presented,” Oh said.

According to an article by artist Kevin Hayler, artists get their ideas by observing and borrowing from admired artists. In one of his articles, he said “artists daydream,” and that is how and where they get their ideas from.

Brian Oliver Gallery Director, Lance Sinnema, said that art is a form of communication. “What we can get out of a painting is very different than what we get out of an essay, or a piece of music or a play,” he said.

This exhibition gives the students the opportunity to show their work for their friends and family to come and see. It also allows for the greater community to engage, giving feedback and showing how successful the artists are.

“That’s what I like about the opening and closing receptions, there is often a lot of dialogue that happens where people outside of the department will talk to the students about their work and what they see,” Sinnema said.

The “UNTITLED: X” exhibition had its opening reception on Tues., April 11, and the closing reception will be on Sat., May 20 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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