Food review: Coeur has extra cozy factor for over-coffee chats

by Elise Van Dam

Coffee shops. They are an ideal place to go when you want to study, read a book, chat with friends or have that awkward “define the relationship” talk with your potential significant other. Coeur Coffeehouse has a comfortable atmosphere with delicious coffee where all that can happen.

Mike Garrison opened Coeur Coffeehouse on 701 N. Monroe St. in June 2012 because he likes coffee and wanted to open a business that would encourage community throughout Spokane. Garrison’s goal for the business is to provide a comfortable atmosphere where the baristas are friendly and serve high-quality coffee to their customers, employee Keaton Violet said.

“We wanted to serve coffee to the people of Spokane,” Violet said. “And it is cool to connect to someone over something as simple as coffee.”

Another goal is to support local businesses. The  shop only uses one type of milk — bought locally from Spokane Family Farms — which pasteurizes the non-homogenized milk at lower temperatures.

“While the milk may be more expensive,” Violet said. “It tastes way better and is also good for you.”

Though Coeur Coffeehouse buys milk locally, the shop purchases coffee outside of Spokane through a free trade company called Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Ore.

Along with local ingredients and homemade syrups, Coeur Coffeehouse uses a device called Chemex, which was created in the 1930s. The Chemex is an hourglass-shaped glass container that brews a measured amount of coffee grounds through a filter placed at the top. It makes what is called pour-over coffee.

“I am passionate about pour-over coffee,” Violet said. “It allows you to taste the differences in the various types of coffee that we provide.”

The menu also consists of lattes, mochas, drip coffees, espressos and a small variety of tea. The Moroccan mint tea is strong, but refreshing.

For me, coffee is one of my go-to drinks that helps me through a busy schedule. While a tall mocha at Coeur Coffeehouse costs $4.35, versus the same size mocha at Starbucks for $3.42, it is worth buying a cup from Coeur because of the local products and free trade option.

The décor of the shop also makes a difference in the experience. The atmosphere is simple, yet cozy — perfect for reading or chatting. The customer service made the visit complete. The baristas were friendly, knowledgeable of their product, and excited about coffee in general.

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