Frisbee at its finest: Benjamin Cole

by Remi Omodara

Frisbee is an intense sport and it has its own culture, junior Benjamin Cole said.

Cole has been tossing the circular piece of plastic around since his younger days.

“I would say it started in the 7th grade,” Cole said. Cole played Frisbee with his older brother and friends to get connected outside of school.

Now, Cole plays for the Frisbee club at Whitworth as well as the Spokane Frisbee team in the summer.

“I really enjoy playing Frisbee because the people who play are very diverse and they come from all different types of sports,” Cole said.

People on Frisbee teams are involved in basketball, soccer, football and other sports, Cole said.

Cole has many memories that he has made doing what he loves but among his favorites is a trip to Las Vegas.

“Going to Las Vegas freshman year was special,” Cole said. “I was just thinking about how people go and play sports in Montana and California and I got to go to Vegas and walk around the strip.”

In Cole’s opinion, people do not give Frisbee enough credibility as a sport.

“It’s really challenging and there is no resting time,” Cole said. “I am hoping that in the next few years, it will be made an Olympic event.”

Cole uses Frisbee as a way to alleviate stress and relax when he feels bogged down with school.

“I love going to tournaments after a long week in school and just forgetting about homework and all of the stuff I have to do,” Cole said.

Although Cole will be graduating within a year, college is not the end of Cole’s Frisbee throwing.

“Hopefully, I’ll be the guy who comes to tourneys when he’s 40 and just hops on a team,” Cole said.

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