Halloween Cult Classic Plays at the Garland

by Alyssa Saari

Confetti, toast and unruly commentary flew through Garland Theater Saturday night as many adventurous individuals participated in celebrating a cult classic for those striving to be different.

The midnight movie premiere of the Rocky Horror Picture Show began with a line wrapping around and down the block of Garland Avenue. Numerous people participated by dressing up as their favorite Rocky Horror characters, including Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, Janet Weis, Columbia and Eddie. The movie also included a reenactment by Shadow Cast; a local, small scale acting company.

For those that have not lost their “Rocky Horror virginity,” the movie is essentially a rated R musical comedy horror containing adult language, brief nudity, and insinuated sex scenes.

“It’s not about anything, just nonsense. It’s just about getting involved,” Ryan Christiansen, a Garland Theater employee, said, as he tried explaining to confused audience members what the show was about. He stressed that this event is based off of a sense of community and getting involved while also expressing eccentrism.

“I promise to be different. I promise to be unique. I promise not to repeat things other people tell me to say,” said every member in the crowd of about 500, repeating the opening pledge led by Jason Laws, the head coordinator of Shadow Cast. After this proclamation, the room fired into a frenzy of excitement and the show began.

During the whole production, the audience participated by yelling lines of the movie, making bawdy jokes and jumping into the aisle to dance and sing along.

Rocky Horror Picture Show was first released in 1975. The film was widely ignored until 1976 when it became notorious as a midnight movie and the audience began participating. Participation included yelling back at the screen, mocking the characters and throwing designated props during specific times during the movie (rice, toast, playing cards, toilet paper, condoms and sprays of water from squirt guns).

Today the film is internationally known and is one of the most profitable midnight movies. In 2005 the Rocky Horror Picture Show was selected for film preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

For those who are interested in participating in the Rocky Horror experience, click here to learn some background information, the participation rules, prop list and line cues.

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