Knowledge of The Love of God: The cruciality of the Christian mind 

Biola Unversity professor Dr. Timothy Pickavance gives his lecture “The Knowledge of Love and God”, Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024, at Whitworth University in Spokane, Wash. | Caleb Flegel/The Whitworthian

By Kyler Cramer | Staff Writer

A lecture concerning the relationship between philosophy and Christianity presented by Dr. Timothy Pickavance took place on Thursday, Feb. 22, in Weyerhaeuser. Pickavance is Biola University’s philosophy professor and has written a variety of books, including Knowledge of The Love of God. Motivated by the need to leave a meaningful impact on his children and college students, his writings attempt to paint pictures of the Christian mind, such as what knowledge is for and why it matters.

Pickavance said that some Christians today may feel the need to disregard knowledge and separate it from faith despite the fact that these two elements have been intertwined throughout history. Offering a perspective of knowledge that challenges our western views, Pickavance stated that knowledge is a “right, reasonable picture of the world,” revealed by God through special and general revelation. Special revelation is when God speaks to us directly, such as when He spoke through the prophets and inspired scripture. General revelation, however, may be the revelation that most have not fully grasped.  

With all of the advancements of the modern world, some may wonder how God “speaks” to us in the present. It is here where general revelation comes into play. Pickavance said that God reveals to us the truths of the world. This means what we learn about the world is God’s way of speaking to us. 

In this case, what differentiates knowledge about God from knowledge of God? In other words, why can people learn about the world, or even theology, yet not come to know God personally? Pickavance said that God invites us to know Him and His world intimately. He said that someone can know everything about God and the rules presented in the Bible, but it is of no use if one does not want to share their life and experience with God. We can gain true knowledge through our relationship with God, but we cannot gain a relationship with God through knowledge alone. 

Learn more about Pickavance and his work on his website.  

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