Monster Mash and Mac Haunted House

by Meghan Foulk

McMillan Hall was transformed into a haunted house of horrors complete with the undead, strobe lights and clowns. On Saturday, Oct. 24 the all-men’s dorm opened its doors at 8 p.m., ushering in groups of students ready to scream.

There was no waiting in the cold weather. Warren’s Monster Mash was held in Graves Gym, and students were able to hang out and dance until their group number was called. The gym was full of students in various costumes, ranging from butter ies to bananas to broke college students in Gonzaga University T-shirts.

A costume contest had students post pictures of the costumes to social media, and whoever got the most likes won a gift card to Dutch Bros Coffee. Freshman Natalie Benner and sophomore Alyssa La Fleur both attended the event in costume. Benner went as a motorcycle “biker girl” and La Fleur went as uranium, complete with glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark face paint.

Besides dancing, the Monster Mash offered various drinks and snacks, as well as water pong for those who struggle with breaking a move on the dance oor or for whoever simply wanted a break from dancing their socks o .

Once a group’s number was called, they were ushered out into the gym’s lobby, and taken over in the small groups to the back of Mac. Inside, the walls were lined with black trash bags and cobwebs, the flashing strobe lights ahead making the experience creepier as a high pitch voice screeched. The groups were led through a room of mirrors, various dark hallways and even a creepy guy inviting you to dinner, which was unsurprisingly full of dead bodies and blood.

“I thought it was very well put together,” Benner said. “You could tell that they put a lot of effort into it, so I thought that was really cool.”

There were some not-so-spooky things that came out of the haunted evening as well. The dual events were fundraising for the Jamaican Service Trip, which is put on by the Dornsife Center for Community Engagement. The program hosts a variety of annual spring break service trips, and includes locations such as Seattle, New York City and the Dominican Republic.

They focus on expanding the education of students and aim to bring a sense of cultural awareness through community-service projects, according to the Dornsife Center webpage.

Whether you are scared of zombies, clowns or that one guys that screams, “Here’s Johnny!” you were bound to have at least one terrifying moment int he Mac Haunted House. Crawling through small tunnels made of the residents’ mattresses, stepping around a guy being eaten by one of the undead and avoiding eye contact with the muttering individuals in the corners completed the horrific experience.

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