Play disc golf at Downriver

by Joe Westenberg

Frolf, disc golf or Frisbee golf are all the same game that has become increasingly prevalent and popular on Whitworth’s campus. Even to the casual observer, it is obvious that students are mixed up in a love affair with flying plastic discs.

Warrenites in particular know full well how much disc golf is loved by students; the distinct thud of plastic discs striking walls or windows is often heard from the lounge or study rooms. The reason behind this seemingly odd occurrence is that Warren is sometimes used as a hole for disc golfers who have set up many unmarked courses that weave their way through campus.  Unfortunately, these courses often include campus landmarks such as the Big Ugly and the Mac Totem Pole, that would be better off without Frisbee dents and dings. In light of this, here is a better option for disc golf aficionados to aim for: Downriver Disc Golf Course, the closest official disc golf course to campus.

Disc golf is a game much like regular golf, but uses a disc slightly heavier than a Frisbee. The game can be played alone or with others and the object is to get your disc to each hole on the field in the fewest throws possible.

The Downriver course has 18 holes, all of which have baskets and designated tee pads, and there is no fee to use the course. The location of the baskets will vary depending on the time of year so be sure to check the sign to find out where they are. The course layout can be confusing but each hole is well-marked so you will know if you are on the right one. Downriver is in a nice setting right by the river and has plenty of trees and shrubs to make things interesting. Another benefit of being by the river is the opportunity to take a dip in the river if it happens to be a hot day. There are picnic tables clustered near the first hole as well as many benches throughout the course.

Most Whitworth disc golfers use Frisbees while playing but an actual disc golf disc will definitely improve your game. There are different discs for different situations, much like golf clubs, but most fall within three different categories: distance driver, mid-range and putter.  A distance driver is the best disc to start out with as it can go long distances, and you can still use it for mid-range or putt situations. Discs are reasonably priced at about $10 apiece so you can pick one up before heading to the course without breaking the bank.

Disc golf is a fun activity to do with friends and it’s even better at Downriver where the scenery is great, the other players are friendly and you don’t have to worry about hitting somebody in the head.

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