Retired Whitworth professor reflects on 20th publication 

Britney Botez | Staff Writer

The cover of Gordon S. Jackson’s book Your Photo on God’s Fridge Door, courtesy of Mt. Zion Ridge Press

Gordon S. Jackson, retired Whitworth University journalism professor of 32 years, is set to release his 20th publication. This book, titled Your Photo on God’s Fridge Door, features 101 contemporary parables relating to the aspects of everyday modern life, from the excitement of watching “the big game” on television to trips through airport security. 

A major aspect of Your Photo on God’s Fridge Door is the deeply personal relationship that God has with each of us. This sentiment is illustrated by the book’s cover featuring various photos stuck to a refrigerator, a common staple in today’s homes. This visual serves to communicate to readers that God, much like family members on earth, has all of our photos on his refrigerator door, always in sight. 

Jackson’s experience as a journalism professor at Whitworth provided him with several opportunities for writing and publishing his works. However, Jackson began his journey into authorship long before coming to Whitworth, when he returned to his country of origin, South Africa, to pursue a career in journalism. 

“I’ve always enjoyed writing, and when I was a journalist in Johannesburg I began to get more practice and became more comfortable with it” said Jackson. 

Your Photo on God’s Fridge Door is among several devotional books that Jackson has written over the years. “My most recent book, The God Who Blesses, is a series of 50 reflections on the nature of blessings and the way people sometimes treat blessings very flippantly and casually,” said Jackson.

Having achieved 20 publications over the course of his authorship, Jackson explains the challenges of this work. “I would use the line that I don’t enjoy writing, I enjoy having written,” said Jackson. “Writing is hard work, but once you’ve got it done, there’s a great sense of accomplishment.”

If Jackson were to offer advice to current Whitworth students exploring their interests, it would be “To tap into the incredible reservoir of good that is in books.” 

Jackson’s book can be found in stores or online available to purchase. 

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