Scoop of popularity: Ice Cream Club

Reeshika Sharma | Staff Writer

Meg Fairborn, president of the Ice Cream Club, holding one of their flavors in the HUB, Friday, Sep. 29, in Spokane, Wash. | Abraham Santiago/ The Whitworthian

Whitworth’s Ice Cream Club, founded in Spring 2023, has grown to establish a prevalent presence on campus. The club is known for its different varieties of ice cream flavors and inclusive community events. This year, membership has grown to over 140 members.

Club President Meg Fairborn expressed her excitement. “The club has almost 140 new members who signed up and we are really excited about this year.”

Ice Cream Club attributed their increased attendance to a variety of factors such as the Fall Club Fair, posts on Honor, Follow, Serve and their social media presence.

As the year moves forward, the leadership team is working to ensure that their club space is welcome to everyone. They are committed to maintaining the spirit of inclusivity and fun, the founding ideals of the club. 

At every meeting or event, different flavors are brought in for students to try. The president has made about 200 assorted flavors of ice cream. She has specific plans regarding collaborations around Thanksgiving where the club will showcase Thanksgiving themed flavors such as mashed potato and gravy. Dairy free options are created with inclusivity in mind as a part of the assortment.

“We are going to find different ways to collab with other clubs and maybe work with RAs to expand the club more,” said Fairborn. As an example, she mentioned her club’s collaboration with Black Student Union last year which led to a fun and successful event. She also mentioned future plans to work on fundraising with other clubs this year.

Ice Cream Club has monthly meetings planned with new ice-cream-related activities. Participants this semester can learn how to make different flavors of ice cream and grow in community with each other.

Follow the Ice Cream Club on Instagram at pirate_cone.

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