Students reveal best coffee shops

by Emily Roth

Many students have a favorite Spokane café they enjoy frequently visiting. But is there a better café option? That may depend on what a student wants. Compiled here are several of Spokane’s most popular cafés among Whitworth students and why they rank best in taste, prices, atmosphere, convenience and service.

Pleasant Blends: 9417 N. Newport Hwy.

This cozy café may be small but packs in a wide menu of inexpensive drinks, soups, salads and sandwiches. Trying the drinks alone can keep a customer busy. The several creative drinks include a wide selection of chai tea flavors. If nothing else, the friendly service is sure to bring customers back.

Le Petit Chat Village Bakery: 9910 N. Waikiki Rd.

A treat to the tastebuds, Petit Chat’s large variety of baked goods are claimed to be the best food of Spokane’s cafés. The bakery may be small but filled with the scent of baking breads and pastries. Customers can expect to choose from whole loaves of fresh bread, quiche, doughnuts, muffins, stuffed croissants and more.

Service Station: 9315 N. Nevada St.

Whether students are in the mood for studying or simply sitting with friends, this modern-styled café offers plenty of comfortable seating. Service Station challenges the stereotype that cafés have to be small and cramped. Relax with a couple friends in front of the fire and enjoy free wireless Internet with your favorite drink. For those in the mood for more excitement, Service Station also hosts popular concerts.

Mind & Hearth: Hixson Union Building

Don’t overlook Whitworth’s own coffee stop. What can be more convenient than grabbing a quick pick-me-up between classes or after finishing business in the Hixson Union Building? Nothing can beat the location of Mind & Hearth, and it’s the perfect spot for spontaneous conversation with fellow students.

Rockwood Bakery: 315 E. 18th Ave.

Sometimes all a student wants is to ride downtown and get off-campus. Rockwood Bakery is a getaway with comfortable yet classy atmosphere. Students can savor the great pastries and room to breathe while taking a break from classes and homework.

Atticus Coffee and Gifts: 222 N. Howard St.

Often called the best coffee in town, Atticus also has a large collection of teas. A student may feel inspired by the artsy environment while he or she sips a warm drink. Customers can choose a gourmet sandwich for lunch and pick a unique gift for their roommate at the same time. Count in the welcoming staff and free Wi-Fi and this downtown café may encompass everything a college student needs.

Honorable Mentions

These coffee shops were very popular among students as well. Try their original coffee blends and unique atmospheres.

  • Tully’s (2001 W. Pacific Ave.)
  • Chill Spot Frozen Yogurt & More (2706 N. Monroe St.)
  • Madeline’s (707 W. Main Ave.)
  • The Chocolate Apothecary (621 W. Mallon Ave.)
  • The Rocket Bakery (3315 N. Argonne Rd.)
  • Forza (2829 E. 29th St.)
  • Revive Coffee (6704 N. Nevada St.)
  • Caffe Delicio (2301 N. Monroe St.)
  • Thomas Hammer (4750 N. Division St.)

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