Vocal jazz soloists awe audience

by Lauren Otheim

Taking the stage in a bright gold dress, sophomore MacKenzie Covington belted four songs as bold as her clothes.  Starting with a sassy tune about “every love but true love” and working her way to “Summertime.”On Thursday April 28, senior Megan Porter, sophomore Kirsten Mullen and sophomore Ellie Tappa followed Covington for a night of vocal jazz soloists.  Each woman sang four songs.  They varied from fast paced to jazz ballads, most of which were love songs either about breaking up or getting together.

“You can convey a lot more emotion through singing because it’s just you in your natural self,” Tappa said.

Tappa had been in many choirs, including the Whitworth Choir, and is currently involved in Whitworth’s Symphony.  Being apart of both vocal and instrumental music, Tappa said that she likes jazz because it is so expressive and without a direct set of rules.

“The girls were obviously really excited to sing,” sophomore Flannery Fox said.  “They were in their element.”

Fox initially came because she had friends in the concert, but she said that she also just really enjoys jazz because it is different every time and is really an art form.

Associate professor Brent Edstrom played piano, Eugene Jablonsky was on bass and Rick Westrick on drums backed the women during the concert.  Both Mullen and Tappa, however, had a song that featured their director, Dan Keberle on trumpet.

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