Whitworth.fm makes changes for new year

by Peter Duell

When Aaron Kilfoyle, a junior and general manager of Whitworth.fm, came to Whitworth three years ago with an intended major in Athletic Training, and Kinesiology, he had no idea the potential that lay at his fingertips with Whitworth.fm.

What began as a small, out-of-date studio with old equipment, peeling laminate and exposed wires, has now evolved into a state-of-the-art broadcasting studio. It is fit to provide not only an up to date sound and recording experience, but one that will last well into the future.

David Dennis, a Whitworth alumnus and former general manager of Whitworth.fm, now works alongside Kilfoyle with the production. The two poured work into the completion of the renovation this summer — completing it all in just over a month.

“When I came here three years ago, a lot of the equipment didn’t work,” Dennis said.  “There was a lot of feedback with the sound and a bunch of other little problems that needed to be fixed.  At that point we said, ‘Let’s raise the bar.’”

And they did.  Now a completely renovated studio and sound editing room sit where a seemingly ancient broadcasting station was before.

Innovation did not just consist of new computers, amplifiers, a new soundboard, IP codexes and the like. Whitworth.fm now has the capability to broadcast from anywhere on campus, allowing for the recording and transmitting of concerts, student events and athletic games.

Max Carter and John Lobaugh, both freshmen, are two of Whitworth’s first sports broadcasters. While neither are majoring in journalism or mass communications, they both express excitement in being a part of the new sports broadcasting team.

Kilfoyle has three sports broadcasting teams, each with two students. He wants students to have fun while gaining knowledge about the field.

“I want to teach students how to be creative — especially in a professional environment,” Kilfoyle said. “Experience is so important, and allowing students to have that with Whitworth.fm gives them a chance to develop in their professional creativity.”

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