Whitworth senior Ryan Graves seeks to become a film director

by Dani Dubois

Ryan Graves is a senior at Whitworth and will graduate in the spring with an English literature degree. But coming into Whitworth as a freshman, Graves thought he was here to study theology. Having been involved with Young Life for years, Graves thought he heard his calling to become a pastor.

However, during his sophomore year, Graves found his passion leading him elsewhere. He began studying film and literature, pursuing a career as a film critic. But once his junior year came, Graves altered his course even more.

“I realized I don’t want to write about movies, I want to write them” Graves said.

Acting on this, Graves has submitted self-made and directed short films to the Leonard Oakland Film Festival for the past two years, winning second place last year and earning first place this year with his film I Wonder.

“Movies are the magnification of life,” Graves said. “They show us things about ourselves, both the wonder and the sorrow of what life brings.”

After graduation, Graves will move to Portland, Ore., where he wants to get a job and continue making short films.

Graves thanks Whitworth for his time here, even though he has drastically changed his life pursuits.

“Whitworth gave me the ability to be fearless in what I want to do,” Graves said.

With this cultivated fearlessness, Graves will make films in all different genres of film, seeking to say the things that have previously gone unsaid.

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