Whitworth’s most fashionable

First Place: Felicity Brigham

Style: Constantly shifting based on my mood. I very rarely wear pants, sticking to skirts, dresses and shorts. I try to have fun with what I wear and mix new trends with classic pieces.

Putting your outfit together: I usually focus on one item I particularly feel like wearing and build my outfit around that. I also keep images on my computer of outfit inspiration for days that I feel in a rut.

Advice for someone who wants to be stylish: Don’t be afraid to be bold; if you feel confident you’ll look it. If there is a trend you love just try it, even if you end up not liking it you get to wear something new tomorrow. And always be comfortable; if you are uncomfortable in what you wear it shows.

What have you seen on campus that you would call a fashion crime? Crocs, especially with sweatpants. It doesn’t take that much effort to put on jeans and a pair of shoes that weigh more than a paperclip.

Second Place: Stephanie Wiley

Style: Classic and girly.

Fashion philosophy: Anything comfortable layered with lots of high-waisted skirts and short booties. Also pair basics with cute accessories to create a simple but chic look.

Favorite places to shop: ModCloth, Etsy and local businesses.

Fashion inspiration: Candy every day.

Third Place: Michaela Allen

Style: Classic but quirky.

Fashion philosophy: Layering comfortable retro pieces and mixing them with clean lines and simple basics.

Favorite place to shop: Fringe and Fray.

Fashion inspiration: The Sartorialist.


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  1. Am I the only one who thinks they dress pretty much alike? I heard from friends that they didn’t even hear about voting. I’d like to see some fashionable guys, next, and some girls that don’t utilize boots-skirt-weirdfrillytop as their go-to, thanks…
    also, I would say the lacy skirt is very out of place with the very masculine stuff #3 has got on. it just…doesn’t work…but hey, I didn’t vote for her.

    keep on rocking those boots and skirts, ladies. you make whitworth as fashionable as it is.

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