Women’s auxiliary raises funds for residence hall furnishings

by Lindsie Wagner

Clad in brightly-colored prints and spring cardigans, dozens of women gathered April 26 for the annual Women’s Auxiliary Spring Tea and Style Show.

The tea, which was a part of the fundraising efforts of the Auxiliary, brought in funds which will be used by the Auxiliary to support Whitworth University.

Before the tea, the Auxiliary had donated $13,500 to Whitworth, $2,000 going to travel for international students, $1,500 going to the President’s Discretionary Scholarship Fund, and the remaining majority of $10,000 going to dorm furnishings and piano tunings.

“The Auxiliary started in order to make the dorm lounges more homey and comfortable,” Auxiliary president Mardelle Shagool said. “We’ve kept the tradition of keeping the dorms nice.”

The Auxiliary’s favorite cause, though, is the portion of their money that they use to support the President’s Discretionary Scholarship Fund, Shagool said. This account is used for students in need at Beck Taylor’s discretion.

“If we had our choice, we’d want it all to go there,” Shagool said.

They have chosen instead to follow tradition and continue to support the residence halls and international students.

The women also take great pride in helping international and Hawaiian students travel during breaks.

At the tea, freshman Shawn Agustin, one of the Hawaiian students affected by this funding, played the ukulele for entertainment.

The Auxiliary is made up of many Whitworth community members. At its origin in 1915, the group was made up almost exclusively of faculty members’ wives.

“When things started to open up with women, they contacted people who love Whitworth,” Shagool said.

Now, the members of the Auxiliary include faculty and staff members, former faculty members, faculty members’ wives and others.

The group hosts the Tea and Style Show yearly, as well as a luncheon in the fall.

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