Time management for student athletes

“Something I have learned over many years is that you need to do it well, meaning you need to find what works best for you. Whether if it is taking a break between assignments or working on one subject a time, find your strengths and weaknesses,” -Camy Aguinaldo

Men’s basketball stomps Pacific 123-98

“Obviously when you play against a pressing team you need to take care of the basketball and you will get good percentage shots,” said Whitworth head coach Matt Logie “We got a little sloppy late in the first half, but really tightened things up in the second half and played well.”

Apple Cup re-cap

With freezing temperatures and snow, this game had weather advantage written all over it.

Advanced metrics: aid or distract?

Professional sports general managers should definitely factor analytics into their decisions because they have proven to be huge factors in making winning teams, but it shouldn’t change your base instinct on when to play a star in a big game.