Former Republican president staff member grapples with election

by Peter Houston-Hencken|News Editor

With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the two most disliked presidential candidates in history, this election has left many people feeling politically homeless, a former staff member for the Reagan and both Bush administrations said Tuesday night.

The election has caused Pete Wehner, a long time Republican, to reconsider voting in this election for either of the major candidates.

“I have voted Republican since 1980, but sometimes the party asks too much,” Wehner said during a Whitworth University lecture titled “Reflections on the Current Election Season.”

Wehner said that he cannot vote for Trump in this election and believes that the Republican nominee may suffer from “sociopathy,” clinically named antisocial personality disorder.  Wehner thinks Trump exhibits many symptoms that are seen in those with the disorder, which can include lying, breaking laws and acting impulsively without regard for the safety of themselves or others.

“Donald Trump is leaving an indelible stain on institutions and causes that I care about,” Wehner said.

Wehner considers Trump to be a pathological liar and a sexual predator.

“He has praised brutal dictators and he is a man that I think has betrayed people in every sphere of his life,” Wehner said.

Wehner also expressed his dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton, saying she is dishonest, untrustworthy and secretive.

During a question and answer after the lecture, Wehner said that he would not vote for either of the two major candidates and that neither of them should be president.  However, Wehner said he would likely cast his vote for Evan McMullin, who will be on the ballot in Wehner’s home state of Virginia.

While expressing strong dissatisfaction, he recognized the appeal to both candidates and said Christians should not be urged to vote one way or the other.

“I think decent people and faithful Christians can vote for anyone who is on the ticket,” Wehner said. “The way you cast a vote is not a reflection of your character but a reflection of how you view politics.”

Wehner said God can use anyone to do his work. However, that should not mean Americans should elect anybody based on the hope that God will intervene.

Wehner predicts that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States because she is leading in two key demographics that Republicans historically have done well with. Wehner said Trump has been under-performing among college-educated Caucasian males and has increased the gap between blue-collar Caucasians and white-collar Caucasians to record levels.

Wehner said that it is rare for a political party to win the Presidential election three times in a row. However, he suggested that Trump has made the election difficult for him to win.

“It seems to me Trump is doing everything to turn an election loss into a landslide defeat,” Wehner said.